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Attendance Terms

Perfect Attendance – does not miss a single minute of school

100% Attendance – came to school every day, but came late or left early

Proficient Attendance – in school at least 96% of the school days
Attendance Awards

Every 25 days – (see dates in the chart above)

Perfect Attendance – Perfect Attendance tags and a chance to win a scooter

Proficient Attendance/Improved Attendance – 15 minutes of extra recess or Picnic with the Principal – bring your own lunch

First Semester

September 4 – December 14

Perfect Attendance – Lunch with the Principal 
Second Semester

January 7- June 7

Perfect Attendance – Lunch with the Principal 
100th Day of School – Everyone with Proficient Attendance will be invited to a DJ party or special assemble (to be determined)
2022-2023 School Year 

Awards to be determined (Please see the 2022-2023 attached attendance chart)