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Digital Citizenship

Welcome to Sunland Elementary's Digital Citizenship page, where you will find resources for talking to your children about being safe, respectful, and responsible online.
LAUSD's Digital Citizenship Page

#DigCitLA Definition - The practice of cultivating a positive, authentic digital footprint that can be leveraged for college and career success.

Check out the LAUSD's page here: Digital Citizen​​​​​​​
The Smart Talk!

Having the conversation about using technology responsibly has become a lot easier with this tool: The Smart Talk. Answer the questions with each of your children, and you will have a written plan when you are finished.
Common Sense Media

Do you wonder if the games your children play or the shows they watch are age-appropriate? If so, visit This site reviews games, apps, books, movies, and TV shows so you can make informed decisions about what is appropriate for your children.

¿Se pregunta si los juegos que juegan sus hijos o los programas que miran son apropiados para su edad? Si es así, visite Este sitio revisa juegos, aplicaciones, libros, películas y programas de televisión para que pueda tomar decisiones informadas sobre lo que es apropiado para sus hijos.
Wide Open Schools

Looking for ideas to keep your children busy over the summer, especially during this time of social distancing? Explore Wide Open School.

Wide Open School is a free and open collection of the best online learning experiences and activities for kids curated by the editors at Common Sense and organized by grade band and subject. -- Mar 31, 2020 - › news › press-releases
Other Resources for Keeping Your Children Safe